Skilled Hair Transplant Doctors Create Naturalness And Maintain Hair Density

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If you look closely, you will notice that each person’s hair is unique: density, fullness, and
hair characteristics vary from person to person. That is why a good hair transplant is one that
preserves the uniqueness of one’s hair, follows the hairline, and regenerates hair in a way that
appears more real and natural! And this is possible if you visit skilled hair experts who know
what they’re doing. Because, Hair transplant is both a science and an art, which means
that there is science behind determining the extent of hair loss and the procedure that will
produce the best results. It is, however, an art of delicately and precisely positioning grafts
that are critical for getting a natural-looking result.

During a hair transplant procedure at Barley, a team of hair transplant experts made up of surgeons and nurses works meticulously to ensure that the extraction, graft division, and implantation process is done with the utmost care and precision. This is done, precisely, to ensure that naturalness is attained.

Key to Natural-looking Hair

To put it simply, naturalness is created with precision when doctors know an individual’s natural hairline, density, and direction and do their best to mimic it. Here’s how it’s done and why it can only be done by a team of skilled doctors.

First, naturalness and density are usually achieved by precisely following the natural pattern line and hair distribution of individual clients. The hair pattern line is the hairline that defines the shape and growth of a person’s hair. Each one has a unique pattern if you look closely. Previously, transplants required larger grafts that were not placed following natural hair growth pattern, but thanks to advancements in transplant procedures and expertise, a natural look can now be achieved. Only an experienced and skilled doctor can achieve natural-looking and dense-looking hair through a hair transplant procedure that mimics the individual’s natural pattern line.

Barley experts achieve naturalness with their microneedle procedure because it allows our doctors to place grafts in 360 degrees, which aids in maintaining hair regeneration in the direction of natural hair growth. Our expert team begins by identifying the hairline, after which a skilled member of our team
extracts grafts, others meticulously divide these grafts, and the remaining members implant these grafts.
Second, the fullness and direction of natural hair are frequently irregular, with fulness increasing as one moves away from the anterior border. Meaning, the density of hair gradually increases as one moves away from the border hairline, and the direction of hair growth varies in different parts of the head, necessitating the placement of grafts in accordance with these characteristics. As a result, creating unnaturally straight hairlines is not the best way to do a hair restoration procedure . A skilled hair transplant specialist will examine the hairline and density characteristics and attempt to emulate them so that the result looks natural and seamless.

Natural look Results

However, simply understanding the hairline pattern, densities, directions, and characteristics is insufficient. The art of successful hair regeneration is a learned skill that requires practice and innovation. Our expert surgeons at Barely have over the last 8 years of continuous experience, making us the best in the hair transplant industry. Client satisfaction and maintaining our standards are extremely important to us, so in all of our procedures, a team of experts collaborates to achieve the desired hair transplant result. Teamwork is beneficial because it ensures that each step of extraction, harvesting, and implantation is performed precisely and within a timeframe to keep grafts healthy. The 360-degree angle aids in controlling the direction of hair growth, resulting in a 99% natural appearance.

Barley Experts

All of our experts, whether surgeons or nurses are competent in FUE, FUT, and our patented microneedle technology. Although the methods for harvesting and implanting grafts differ slightly, all of these procedures are equally successful hair transplant procedures that yield naturalness. The reason for using these different methods is that different methods work best for different types of hair. For wavy and curly hair, for example, FUT works wonders; for fine and straight hair, microneedle method results in more dense-looking hair. In other words, our experts determine the best procedure for your hair based on its characteristics and density and then recommend a plan.

To reiterate, no matter what procedure you choose, skill and expertise are critical in achieving a natural-looking result. We are committed to advancing hair transplant technology over the last 8 years, so it is not just about performing surgery for us. Barely doctors are skilled hair transplant experts who have continuously improved the methods we use at Barely, winning both our clients’ hearts and international acclaim for their work.


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