1. Hair Growth Foods

When you eat healthy, your hair and body will thank you. Eating the right foods will provide your hair follicles with the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow long and strong. Be sure that you are taking in a proper calorie count, 1,200 – 2500 for men and 1,200 – 2,000. It is also vital that you are taking enough protein and natural fats.

2. Scalp Massage

In addition to relieving headaches and relaxing the mind, a daily scalp massage can help increase hair density, length, and strength. Gently massage your scalp everyday for a month and see the difference!

3. Hair Growth Oil

Essential oils for hair growth such as lavender oil, peppermint oil, and castor oil can perform miracles on your hair follicles. Especially combines with a daily scalp massage. Just massage the desired hair oil or mix of oils on your scalp and allow your hair to soak up all the nutrients for 30-60 minutes before washing. Apply the oils 2-3 times a week on the days that you normally wash your hair.  

4. Avoid Washes

Washing your hair regularly to remove the dirt that has accumulated is crucial for personal hygiene and a presentable appearance. However, when we over do it with the shampooing, it can destroy our hair by stripping away the natural natural oils. This leaves our hair dry and more prone to breakage.

5. Cold Water Rinse for Hair

Though it is uncomfortable for those of us who like to take hot showers, rinsing your hair with cold water will help lock in moisture and prevent follicle killing damage done by heat. Practice rinsing your hair with cold water routinely to make an impact.

6. Brush Gently

Brushing your hair promotes better scalp circulation, removes waste that gets trapped throughout the day, and spreads nutrients and natural oils from root to tip to give a shiny and healthy appearance. Having said that, brushing your hair too harshly puts an unhealthy strain on the hair. This unnaturally pulls your hair out of your scalp and causes permanent hair loss if done regularly.

7. Hair Growth Supplements

Consuming herbal supplements such as herbal teas can stimulate hair growth and provide many other health benefits.

8. Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases not only add an elegant touch to your bedroom decor, they are also extremely soft to the touch and can provide amazing benefits for healthier hair and younger looking skin. Their silky-smooth surface lessens friction that results in wear and tear damage to our hair and face while we are fast asleep. 

9. Let Your Hair Breathe

Washing and styling your hair with products every day can cause damage and breakage over time. As mentioned before, wash your hair minimally, use heat protection spray when using styling tools and limit the use of hair sprays and gels.

10. Hair Transplant Surgery

Resorting to a hair restoration surgery is still the best way to achieve thicker and stronger hair. If you are a good candidate, it may put an end to your hair loss nightmare forever. Take a look at out hair transplant before and after results and sign up for a FREE consultation at our clinic. 

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