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What is a Scar Treatment?

Scar Treatment mainly involves repairing the scar on the scalp, eyebrows, or beard areas with a procedure removing hair from the ‘donor area’ and then restoring it into the scar tissue, still a kind of hair transplantation. It is a reliable and best way to revise the scar of the head scalp through the latest technology– the IMPLANTER PEN. A majority of the hairs are able to grow in the scarred area successfully, making it less visible or nearly invisible.

Once someone gets a scar on the areas where need hair to cover, it’s necessary to let the doctor see personally to make a close examination to see the blood circulation situation and the severity of the scar so as to judge if he can do a hair transplant or not.

Why do Scar Treatment?

Once a scar occurred to the scalp or face, it really terribly affects one’s mood and social intercourse, and the external image is totally damaged, so it’s better to get a feasible and effective way to treat it. Hair transplant currently is the best way to help patients get their new images and confidence by obtaining their hair regrow on the scarred area.


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