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Barley has 33 branches in different cities to choose, you can select any Location which is nearest to your home country or travel dentation.

Our Branches 

Visa Letter Help

If you need help getting a Visa to come to China, we will help you. We will write you an invitation letter that you need for the visa application. When you book a procedure with us we will start this process for you at the same time!

Translation Service

If you need it, we will help you with the translation during the procedure and your stay at our hospital. We want to make sure that we understand everything you need!

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The Hospital will provide accommodation for your stay during the hair transplant procedure.

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After surgery, we can help you to book traveling package in the downtown & suburb area with a variety of tourist attractions and other must see  locations, like Great wall of China, Summer palace, different tourist points in all cities.

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Headquarter :

No. 26 Suzhou Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Phone :

+86 18618396508