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Hair loss

Hair Loss

Typically, every person loses 50–100 hairs each day and new hair then regrows from the same hair follicle, which is deemed as the normal metabolism, so certain degree of hair loss is normal,….

eye brows

Eyebrows Transplant


What is an eyebrow transplant?

It is a cosmetic surgery, a commonly performed procedure where hair follicles are transferred to the brow area….


Scar Treatment

What is a Scar Treatment?

Scar Treatment mainly involves repairing the scar on scalp, eyebrows or beard areas with a procedure removing hair from the ‘donor area’ and then restoring it into the scar…


Beard & Sideburns

What is a Beard transplant?Beard transplant is a procedure restores hair to the areas where facial hair growth is thin or empty to give it more density and a new style….

Our Doctors

Dr. Xingdong Li

Dr. Xingdong Li

Dr. Jianhong Zou

Dr. Jianhong Zou
Associate Dean

Dr. Xiaoping Wang

Dr. Xiaoping Wang

Dr. Carlos J. Puig

Dr. Carlos J. Puig
Dean Chicago Branch

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