Scar Hair Transplant

Scar Treatment

Scar hair Transplant are commonly misunderstood as lines or marks on the skin. They are actually areas of damaged tissue that remain after the skin heals from an injury. Scars can be raised or flat, smooth or bumpy, pinkish-brown or have a depression in the center where it was torn open. Scars are caused by the body’s natural healing process and can occur after an injury or can be a result of surgery. When a scar appears on the scalp or face, it has a negative impact on one’s mood and social interactions, and the external image is completely ruined, so it’s best to find a feasible and effective way to treat it. If you have a visible scar in your brow, beard, or any other area of your head, a simple scar treatment is an option that can help you cover visible scars and/or restore hair growth in the affected area.


A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure in which healthy hair is transplanted from a ‘donor’ area, usually the back of the head, to a ‘recipient’ area where it is needed. When someone gets a scar in an area that requires hair to cover, it’s important to let the doctor examine them personally to see if there are any blood circulation issues that could lead to more problems later on (like an infection). Following a thorough examination and consultation, our experts recommend a suitable course of action.
These surgeries, which produce quick and permanent results, are performed using a variety of surgical options such as FUE, FUT, and Barley’s Microneedle method. Scar treatment employs cutting-edge technology, including the use of an Implanter Pen to implant grafted hair follicles. Implanter pens are ideal for implanting grafts, and Barley experts can smoothly control the density and direction of the implanted follicle. Our experts at Barley Hospitals are eager to assist you in planning your scar treatment surgery.
A hair transplant may be an effective treatment for scars on the scalp, brows, and beard. While long-term treatments such as laser therapy or cryotherapy cannot reduce scars, hair transplant is an excellent alternative that may also help improve the appearance of other aspects of your face. Consult our experts and speak with our staff at Barley Microneedle Hospitals; we are here to help you on your scar treatment journey.


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