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Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant Hospitals can be found in 31 cities, making Barley available to everyone. We make sure that our high-quality hair transplant services are available and accessible to everyone, no matter where they are. We not only have convenient locations in all major cities throughout China, but we also welcome clients from all over the world.

Barley has 31 branches in different cities to choose from, you can select any location which is nearest to your home country or travel destination.

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Visa Assistance

If you need help obtaining a visa, Barley can assist you. We provide t invitation letters when required for visa applications. We begin this process after you book your procedure with us in order to make your visit as smooth and easy as possible.


Furthermore, our English-speaking staff makes information and consultation simple and accessible to all of our international clients. Our international clients have access to translation services to assist them during their procedures and stay at our hospital.

Barley rooms
Barley rooms

Site Visits

To make your visit a memorable one, we plan site visits and trips around the city you are visiting. We are committed to making your stay in China and hair transplant procedure memorable and life-changing.
Our hair transplant experts at Barley Microneedle Hospital have decades of experience and specialize in the most recent hair transplant methods. We are not only equipped to perform hair transplant surgeries with ease and efficiency, but we also offer post-transplant care, which distinguishes our practice from other hair transplant practices.
Visit Barley with the confidence that you will be treated with the utmost care, and that our staff and hair transplant experts will make your visit worthwhile. For more information, please contact us.

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