Customized Price Plan

Treatment plans and pricing at Barley are determined after thorough consultations with each individual client, during which a client’s needs and desires are assessed and a customized plan is established. Because personalized treatment and care are at the core of Barley’s services, pricing reflects the premium care that caters to individual requirements. Hence, a custom treatment plan can be either a surgical procedure like FUT or FUE or a non-surgical procedure like PRP that have different techniques and processes. Likewise, the number of grafts or area(s) the clients wish to cover affects the cost of a procedure.
As a result, billing is customized to meet the requirements and preferences of each procedure and individual client. Regardless of the procedure or number of grafts that a client opts for, Barley ensures that premium service and care are provided in each procedure and that the results are to the client’s complete satisfaction. Thus, each treatment plan is designed to provide the best-personalized treatment plan and hair care services based on each individual’s hair assessment needs, and billing is set after consultation with the clients. Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant Hospital guarantees that with over two decades of experience and over 200,000 procedures performed, the results will fully satisfy the client.
Our hair transplant experts at Barley Microneedle Hospital have extensive experience and specialize in the most recent hair transplant methods. We are not only equipped to perform hair transplant surgeries with ease and efficiency, but we also offer post-transplant care, which distinguishes our practice from other hair transplant practices.

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