Microneedle Hair Transplant

Microneedle hair transplant

Barley Microneedle hair transplant Hospitals are well-known for their microneedle hair transplant, which produce seamless and natural results. For its microneedle technique, Barley has ten national patents. Since its inception, we have been constantly improving our microneedle technology, which is used by our experienced hair experts and technicians across Barley’s 31 hospitals. Our skilled surgeons have performed over 200,000 procedures and are ready to provide you with the best results possible.


Barley Microneedle technology is a cutting-edge hair transplant method that involves extracting and planting hair follicles using an Implanter Pen to achieve seamless results. An implanter pen is a small device used to implant graft follicles, and its diameter is adjustable based on the thickness of each individual’s hair. At Barley, during the procedure, hair follicles are placed in the implanter pen’s tip, which is then automatically implanted in the desired receipt area using the pen spring top. An experienced doctor performs microneedle during the procedure, using needles smaller than 0.5 millimeters (mm) to break down the scalp, allowing new hairs to be transplanted more easily and effectively.

Microneedle session at Barley involves these steps

1. Preoperative Cleaning

2. Scalp disinfection Donor site

3. Anesthesia Injection

4. Follicles Extraction

5. follicles separation

6. implant dot distribution

7. follicles confirmation

8. follicles implantation

9. postoperative care

Each step is meticulously executed, and a team of 4-6 people with years of teamwork experience supervises the procedure at Barley. We guarantee that it has no effect on the natural environment of the scalp. Because the microneedle method allows for 360-degree control of the direction, the process results in smaller wounds, less bleeding, and faster recovery. Microneedle technology is a minimally invasive hair restoration procedure that stimulates hair growth by creating hundreds of microscopic channels in the scalp. Rest assured that our microneedle method is more advanced and less invasive than traditional hair transplant and hair regeneration procedures.

Microneedle vs other methods

The implanter pen’s incision hole is one-third the size of a traditional hair transplant, making it a less invasive, more precise, faster, and easier-to-recover procedure. Whereas in a traditional hair transplant procedure, a tweezer-like device is used to extract and place grafts during a surgical procedure that requires making small incisions and clamping grafts together while placing them in the area. These incisions are typically 1 to 1.5 mm long, which is larger than a microneedle procedure that creates tiny 0.5 mm holes and allows for much more flexibility in graft placement, making it easier to control the density and direction of hair regeneration.


Because each case of hair loss and hair transplant surgery is unique, there is no set cost. Each case is evaluated to determine the treatment plan and cost, and custom pricing is established. Rest assured that Barley provides premium hair transplant services and care at an affordable price that is tailored to your specific needs and desires.

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