Hair Transplant in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is surrounded by the scenic Tianmu Mountains, also known as the “Eye of Heaven” Mountains, hair transplant in Hangzhou is located on the shore of the famous Xi (West) Lake, which has been celebrated in poetry and paintings for its beauty and was a favourite imperial retreat. Although it has been carefully preserved as a scenic district and tourist attraction since 1949, Hangzhou has also developed into an industrial centre. Originally limited to silk production, the textile industry now produces both silk and cotton. It has also become a significant contributor to Electronics manufacturing.

Hangzhou’s architecture and gardens are renowned, and it is situated among hills and valleys in which some of the most famous monasteries in China are located. Thus, the city, with its beautiful scenery and sites of historical interest, is among China’s most popular tourist destinations. Notable are Xi Lake, nestled in hills, and, on a slope northwest of the lake, Lingyan Temple, considered one of the most famous Buddhist temples in China.

Barely Microneedle Hair Transplant Hospital Hangzhou

Our Barley Microneedle Hospital is located in the scenic city of Hangzhou and offers all of the best, internationally recognized, and highly effective hair restoration options that are also available at all other Barley Microneedle Hospital branches in China.

Hair Transplant in Hangzhou

Hair Transplant in Hangzhou Options at Barley

Barley’s hair restoration specialists use FUT and FUE for hair follicle extraction. The harvested hair grafts are then implanted using a combination of methods, such as Barley’s microneedle method, which employs a precision implanted pen. Our hair experts’ surgical methods and skills have been highly successful, with over 200,000 hair transplants, beard transplants, eyebrow transplants, and scar transplants performed at Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant Hospital across China. Schedule a free consultation at Barley to speak with our hair experts and make the best decision based on their professional advice.

Non-Surgical Options at Barley

Similarly, photodynamic therapy, hair and scalp cleansing, and follicle testing are all personalized and innovative hair care services that promote hair growth. These are methods to evaluate and mitigate slow hair growth and hair thinning before going for a surgical hair transplant. Our English-speaking staff will assist you in determining which hair care service is most appropriate and beneficial for you, and we guarantee you will have a great time while availing of these options at our hospital for hair transplant in Hangzhou.

Why Barley at Hangzhou must be your top choice for Hair Restoration

Barley Microneedle has decades of experience and has not only performed high-success surgery but has also innovated and contributed to hair restoration methods and technologies. The Microneedle method demonstrates that Barley is a leader in the hair transplant industry, and it has received global recognition for this.


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