Hair Transplant in Dalian

Hair Transplant in Dalian

Beside Hair Transplant in Dalian, Dalian is a port city that was developed by Russia in the 1800s. Because of its port, it is an important trade route as well as a financial, shipping, and logistics centre for East Asia.

According to the financial index, it is the 48th most important city in the world. Because of this trade route and financial importance, the city is known as ‘Beta-Global City,’ and it is a city that plays an important role in the global economic network.

If you are in Dalian, enjoy its wonders and economic bustle, as well as the best-imported goods and first-rate services. In terms of hair transplant in Dalian, the Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant Hospital in Dalian can help you transform your appearance.

Barley Hair Transplant in Dalian

Barley is an internationally recognized hospital with over two decades of experience in hair restoration. Our experts not only perform highly successful hair transplants, beard transplants, eyebrow transplants, and scar transplants at Barley but they also research and innovate hair restoration methods and technology. The Barley Microneedle Method, which uses an implanter pen to extract individual graft follicles and implant them with precision for seamless results, is proof of their contribution and success. This method was developed by Barley doctors in 2004, and it has been continuously improved and updated to make it more effective since then.

Hair Transplant in Dalian

In addition to the ISHRs-recognized microneedle method, our experts at Barley specialize in popular and highly effective hair extraction methods such as FUT and FUE. The multiple graft extraction and implantation methods used at Barley during a hair restoration surgery are beneficial because they allow for the customization of a hair transplant based on the individual client’s needs and the availability of healthy hair follicles in the donor area. We are committed to making hair restoration as personalized as possible, as can lead to natural and healthy hair regeneration.

Hair Transplant Surgery

When you book your consultation with our hair experts at Barley Hospital in Dalian, our staff will assist you in making travel and lodging arrangements, as these are included in the treatment package. You will have a thorough consultation with Barley experts who will assess the extent of your hair loss as well as the availability of the donor’s hair and devise a plan that is appropriate for you. After the hair transplant surgery, you will be given aftercare instructions, and in a few

Hair Care Services

In addition to surgical procedures, Barley offers hair and scalp care services. You can get a free scalp cleaning, a follicle test, or try photodynamic therapy at any of our facilities in China, including Barley Hospital in Dalian. These scientifically developed scalp and follicle care methods are extremely beneficial in generating a healthy scalp, which aids in healthy hair growth. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these fantastic options; we guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results of these non-surgical treatments and tests.


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