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I was facing severe hair loss and receding hairline for a while and someone recommended I go for a hair transplant procedure. I had no idea what it was and did some research. I decided to consult Barley experts and they were really keen on helping me. I went for a hair transplant procedure with the confidence that I was in good hands. Barley didn’t disappoint! Everything went smoothly because from consultation to surgery and post-surgery, they made sure I was prepared and satisfied. Highly recommend Barley as they truly care about their clients and their practice.
I went to Barley for my hair transplant procedure because they are quite renowned in China. Happy to say the best decision ever. My hair started regenerating and now. I look completely different. The results are what I was looking for.
I was worried hair transplant would leave scars or will not yield the kind of results I had in mind. To my surprise, the microneedle procedure subdued any concerns I had. The change is beyond what I expected. Go for a microneedle hair transplant if you want natural-looking hair.
The first time I went to Barley for a beard transplant that completely changed my look. I was happy to see the results so I decided to opt for Barley again for a hair transplant. For someone like me with little hair on top of my head and beard, a Microneedle session was the best solution and doctors recommended it. I had a fantastic time both times. I cannot recommend them highly enough. In my opinion, a microneedle method is the best option.
My hair started to fall from the sides and top of my head and I lost hope of regaining hair. I was not convinced to opt for any available options but Barley's  Microneedle procedure appealed to me. I read they could cover a lot of area in a single session and Microneedle resulted in natural-looking hair restoration. With this in mind, I went to Barley and I got it done. The microneedle session was long but worth every second. The doctors were professional, and their team made certain to cover all of the areas I requested, which included more than half of my head. What can I say? The microneedle method was the best solution for my hair loss, and I now look much better as a result. It looks so natural and dense, and I haven't noticed any hair loss. Definitely give it a shot.
Needed a fuller brow and cover a scar I had after a small incident. went to Barley and got it covered with simple scar treatment. There is no scar visible and I have nice and dense brows. Best decision ever.
Thumbs up to their team for delicately covering the scar on my head that affected my self-esteem. It feels like I never had it all because doctors covered it so well that it looks natural. Thank you again for your work.
My eyebrows were non-existent thanks to over plucking. A single procedure changed all that now can flaunt full brows all because of Barley.
Overall my experience was great. Thank you Barley for changing my look and giving my confidence back.
Initially, I was not sure if I should travel to China but their name was quite renowned. Booked my consultation and I was sold! It felt like they knew what I wanted and went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied throughout the process. I would say it was worth traveling to China for a hair procedure simply because they are the best hospital.
Barley completely changed how my beard looks! I had a rather patchy beard that made me look like a kid. A Beard transplant made it possible for me to have a proper beard for once. This transformation is what I was looking for.
Very professional staff and friendly team, didn’t feel any discomfort or unease because they made sure I got what I needed. Good place for hair transplants.
Great service, nice people, and amazing results. Much recommended.
Recently I had my hair transplant surgery at Barley. Too soon to see the results but the services and staff are top of the mark. Extremely helpful and dedicated people. I enjoyed visiting them. I am sure the end results would be equally great.
I was looking for a hair transplant practice and stumbled upon Barley, read great reviews, and saw they are a leading hospital in China. So I decided to travel all the way there. It was a treat! Not only was I greeted by very friendly English-speaking staff, but I also got a free pick-and-drop and 3-day accommodation in China. The experience was just extraordinary. I got a new look and also visited China, what else could I ask for?
Extraordinary team, friendly staff, and my overall experience was great. Recommend it to anyone wanting a new hair look.
Thank you Barley for restoring my hair and providing me with the best possible solution. I am amazed at the results.
I am a different man after hair transplant surgery. Barley doctors are magicians.
I am grateful for the Barley doctors and team that were supportive and professional. The procedure went with ease and the end result is very good. I am delighted to have a new look and dense hair.
Never thought I would enjoy a hair transplant surgery that much. Visiting Barley was exciting because I got a new look and had the best time visiting the city. Definitely, you should opt for Barley. No one is better than them.

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