What is the Success rate for Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant?

barley hair transplant results

What factors influence hair transplant success? A procedure is considered successful if it goes well and the client achieves their desired result. Hair transplants are a long-term solution to hair loss and have proven to be effective for a large number of people. In general, the success rate of hair transplants performed using FUT, FUE, or another method is around 90-95 percent. This result is guaranteed by a reputable hair transplant hospital and surgeries performed by top experts.

Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant, like the best hair transplant and restoration practices, has a success rate of more than 95%, and Barley has established itself as a world-class hair transplant practice. Here is what distinguishes us and explains why we are so successful at hair transplants.

Hair transplant success
Hair transplant success

Barely Microneedle Patent Holder

To begin with, the Barley microneedle method is a government-approved and patent-protected technology that guarantees the best results. For their microneedle method, Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant Hospitals has ten national patents. Patents are granted by the government when a company develops a specific innovation and has sole authority to develop and use it. This enables businesses to develop technology and methods while maintaining control over the quality of the invention.

The Barley Microneedle hair transplant method is the sole property of Barley Microneedle hair transplant hospitals, which have been developing since 2004. With ten patents, only Barley can practice and use this method, allowing Barley to maintain high standards and advance the microneedle method. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the microneedle method, and Barley’s dedication and continuous advancement led to the awarding of ten national patents.

Number and Quality of Procedures Performed at Barley Microneedle Hospitals

For over last 8 years, the Barley Microneedle hair transplant hospital has been in the hair restoration industry. What began as a single hospital led by a group of doctors has grown into a hospital chain with 31 locations throughout China. This demonstrates the hospital’s tremendous success rate over the years. Barley Microneedle hospitals attract patients from all over the world, including China, and have performed over 200,000 procedures with remarkable success. Not only does the microneedle method appeal to the majority of our clients, but so does the personalized care and services we provide to all of our clients. The 200,000 procedures reflect Barley’s trustworthiness and the effectiveness of the microneedle method, which Barley provides with great care.

Barley Microneedle Hospitals Have the Highest Number of Grafts Per Surgery

Barley hair transplant hospitals prioritize efficiency and client satisfaction, which is why we hold the world record for implanting 7000 grafts in a single surgery. Barley was able to perform this surgery due to its credible and capable surgical team. Each surgery is carried out by a team of 7 to 8 hair transplant doctors, each of whom is in charge of a different task. Thus, a few members concentrate on extracting grafts from donor areas, which are then passed on to another team, which harvests the grafts and passes them on to the third team, which implants the grafts. This entire process is carried out meticulously and on time to ensure that the grafts remain healthy throughout. This record was achieved with the help of a highly capable team and proven hair transplant methods, demonstrating how successful we are at what we do.

Hair transplant result in xian

International Recognition

The success of Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant Hospitals is due to its dedication to the hair transplant and restoration industry for over the last 8 years. During this time, Barley has established itself as a leading industry name in the field of hair transplant and has maintained the highest industry standards. This was not lost on anyone. Barley is internationally recognized, and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), the international body that governs and dictates rules for the hair transplant industry, has recommended the Microneedle method used at Barley. In addition, in 2019, Barley received the European Business Award for its work in the hair transplant industry.

Barley’s success has been earned through consistent growth, innovation, and personalized care and services that have distinguished us from mediocre practices. For us, it is not only about performing surgery but also about maintaining high standards and giving our all. For us, success means satisfied customers and the highest industry standards.


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