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Hair transplant in china- Barley Kunming

Have you ever considered how enjoyable and thrilling a hair transplant journey could be? We understand that hair restoration surgery can be life-changing for many people, but it can also be taxing. It is, after all—surgery. Naturally, as with any other medical or cosmetic procedure, your first priority should be to find a skilled expert who will perform the surgery with the utmost skill and professionalism. Therefore, you will trust the names that are at the top of their field. When it comes to hair restoration and transplant, going to the best hair transplant institutes ensures natural-looking and long-lasting results.

What if you could incorporate travel into your hair transplant plan without sacrificing the quality and experience of your hair restoration procedure? If you are open to considering this opportunity, Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant Hospital is the place for you. We have made it entirely possible to receive the best hair transplant surgery while also traveling to China.

Do hair transplant procedures vary by location?

Surgical procedures are the same whether performed in the United States, Canada, Europe, Turkey, or China, that’s why hair tourism is very popular all over the world.  Specifically, all of the top hair transplant and restoration practices use the same methods and technology, which is critical for high-quality and innovative hair restoration. China is one of the top destinations where people prefer to travel for hair restoration and transplant procedures. In China, Barely is the leading hair restoration and transplant hospital. Whether you choose to get a hair transplant, beard transplant or eyebrow transplant, Barley’s Microneedle skilled expert will ensure the best results.

Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant Hospital has upheld industry standards and made significant contributions in this field, for which Barley received the European Business Excellence award in 2019. We also have ten national patents for the microneedle method that we have been developing since 2004. Simply put, when it comes to expertise and skills, we are globally recognized for having the best technology and skills required for hair restoration and transplant surgeries.

Will it Cost More?

If you’re wondering why you should travel to China or elsewhere for the procedure because it will be more expensive, you should know that hair tourism is not expensive. In fact, you will get a better deal because you will travel to a new country and get new hair for the same price. In other words, if the surgery costs around $10K to $15K for 3500-4000 grafts in the United States, Europe and Turkey, in China you get a better deal.

Hair transplant In China, particularly at a leading hospital such as Barley, you can have the same surgery performed by leading experts while also touring the country for the same price. Isn’t it wonderful that you’ll have the best hair restoration surgery while also visiting a new country and culture?

Why Barley is the Best Option?

If you are considering China for your next hair transplant and hair restoration journey, you must know that Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant Hospital is a world-renowned hospital chain with leading hair experts and multiple awards to their name.  Our hospitals are located in 31 major cities throughout China, providing you with numerous options when planning your next visit. You can take a direct flight to any of these major cities where our hospitals are located.

Come Visit Barley Hair Transplant Hospital

Not only that, but we are always available to assist our global clients in any way we can to make their trip as smooth and comfortable as possible. We have English-speaking staff on hand to assist our international clients at all stages of the process. We assist clients with the visa process as needed. We will be ready to welcome you to China once you have scheduled your hair transplant surgery. As a tourist and our client, you will receive free pick-up and drop-off from and to the airport, as well as free accommodation in our hospital residence for 2-3 days. After your surgery, you will have the opportunity to sightsee and explore historic and rich Chinese cities and cultures.

Hair transplants do not have to be tedious or frightening. With advancements in hair restoration technology, you now have access to the best technology and expertise available anywhere in the world. Thanks to hospitals like Barley, you can travel and get a hair transplant procedure done without compromising quality or paying an extraneous amount of money. We guarantee that your hair restoration journey, both metaphorical and literal, will be worthwhile at Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant Hospital.


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