Why Barley

Established by a team of doctors with 34 branches in China’s major cities, Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant Hospital has always been pursuing higher technology, better quality, and more safety to help you with all kinds of hair problems, especially for receding hairline, thin hair, baldness, eyebrows, beard and scar treatment, etc. We have successfully helped over 190000 hair friends with great results in and abroad. Barley is internationally recognized because of our dedication and success rate and has enjoyed a high reputation in the hair restoration field because of its outstanding performance

Using the best Technology

With the technological application and innovation being the core driving force, Barley firstly introduced microneedle hair transplant technology to China in 2006, and has been granted national technical patents through five times technological upgrades during 14 years of continuous innovation and optimization. At present, we can complete one operation with the largest number of 7228 grafts to be transplanted in one session, which is the highest record in the world.

Patient care is the highest priority. We make sure our patients leave happy and healthy.

Rapid Extraction Guarantees High Survival Rate

The use of precision instruments to improve the speed of hair removal during surgery greatly reduces the extraction time to ensure the high survival rate of the hair follicles thereby.

Ensuring a Natural Look

The use of a new implanter for hair transplantation ensures the effect of “sewing the needle” during the operation. This ensures that you get a high degree of density and a natural looking surgery result

High Precision

The extraction device can change from 0.4 to 0.8 mm. The width of the extractor can be adjusted automatically. It is a precision hair transplanting device and the skin recovers naturally after surgery

Modern Technology is Easy to Operate

Upgraded from the original blunt cutting edge to a four-cut blunt toothed cutting edge. The 360 ​​degree operation of the upgraded device makes it easy to grasp the direction of hair growth.

23 Years of Experience

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